DESERT BIGHORN SHEEP: These tags are one of the most difficult tags in the world to obtain via the state draw system. These animals inhabit some of the roughest terrain anywhere. The quality of the sheep herds is excellent, thanks to many organizations who put out a tremendous effort towards continuous improvement of the species. Since these ranges are in our back yard, our constant year around scouting is the key ingredient to our success. The quality of our guides are second to none, the outstanding trophies we harvest annually represent this.

If you are interested in applying for a Desert Bighorn Sheep tag and want more information on the area you are interested in applying for, we will be happy to assist you or go to the state web sites. If you have any questions and/or want to book a hunt, call or email us.

Application deadlines are as follows:

ELK: Our Elk hunts take place in the highly acclaimed areas of California. Past clients have been able to enjoy a high success rate of world-class bulls due to our many years of experience coupled with exceptional genetics. Elevations range from 4500 to 9500 feet. The guide ratio on all hunts is one guide per one hunter. During archery season the bulls are entering the rut and bugling. The opportunity to harvest record book bulls are very good. During the rifle hunts, our intense research and scouting provides our clients with opportunities to harvest BIG BULLS. Our hunting methods include spot and stalk, calling, stands over water, wallows and other proven techniques. If you have any questions and/or want to book a hunt, call or email us.

MULE DEER: Our mule deer hunts take place in eastern Sierra Mountains and southern California. Large mule deer bucks are very crafty and one of the most difficult trophies to harvest. Our hunts take place in October and November, with the PLM (Private Land Management) season opening in September. We spend a lot of time scouting and get many opportunities at big bucks. Our hunting methods include spot and stalk, tree stand, and blinds near water holes. If you have any questions and or want to book a hunt, call or email us.


PRIVATE LAND MANAGEMENT (PLM) - Guaranteed landowner tags

MULE DEER / BEAR: We specialize in a limited quantity of guaranteed mule deer and bear tags on our PLM (Private Land Management) ranch in the D14 hunting zone and offer guided hunts on the D14 public land zone.
See below for PLM fees and dates

Hunt dates:
September thru November

Fee Schedule: All hunts are fully guided with meals, lodging, and transportation to hunt area. Contact San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters for more information.

Deer Hunt: Harvest 3 point or better
4 days

Bear hunt: Spot & stalk, predator calls.
4 days
1 hunter / 1 guide