Lupe-Packin_OutHello Outfitters for Desert Bighorn fans. Lupe Gallegos of Hide N Seek Outfitters has updated a number of photo galleries on the website! Old photos from 2008-2010 from various Hide N Seek outfitting expeditions. Many beautiful rams and trophies to be seen so be sure to check the Hide N Seek galleries through 2008 to 2010 in the Gallery page. There is also a new category called Trail Cam Pics that offer a lot of candid shots that were taken on the trail during expeditions.
Hope everyone had as great of a hunting season during the 2010/2011 season! Our great friend Pat Butler harvested the #1 archery Grizzly Island Tule Elk and the PLM provided some great deer hunting with cooler weather this past fall. The sheep season provided us with 4 new book rams! Harvesting the first Desert Bighorn ram by archery from San Gorgonio Wilderness by Laron Storck, making the top ten in SCI.
Here is to a great season and looking forward to next.
Hello everyone. The pictures for the 2009-2010 season are in. Feel free to go to our gallery and check them out. We have our new hall of fame trophies in the Trophies Gallery. Pictures from our latest outfitting trip are in the San Gorgonio 2009-2010 Gallery. Also check some unique deer and beer trophies in the Private Land Management Gallery.

Everyone had a great time and our harvest this year was impressive. If you want to join the fun for next years season be sure to contact the San Gorgonio or the Hide N Seek Outfitters.

We're taking a moment to acknowledge one of our friends on the Internet, Jesse of Jesse's Hunting and Outdoors. The sports hunting and outfitting world is a big one and sometimes it's nice to find a place that has all the information you need. Jesse's site has a forum for just about every type of hunting sport from big horn sheep, deer, bear, waterfowl and more. These forums are active and you can interact with other outdoor outfitting enthusiasts from all over the world.


When you have the time, feel free to visit there site at you'll be glad you did!


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