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San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters

Terry Anderson

The Crew:

Andrew Pontious-Colin Jewel-Pat Butler-Tim Humphreville

Tim Carpenter


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San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters offers you a professional full service guiding and outfitting in California for Desert Bighorn Sheep, Elk, Mule Deer, and Bear. Our many years of experience and passion for hunting are available to you for your hunt of a lifetime.

San Gorgonio Wilderness Outfitters hunter holds the current California State Record Desert Bighorn Ram
John Berens 187 5/8 B&C  
Orocopia Mountains

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View some of our trophies and records!
  • 05_Butch-Kuflak_SG.jpg
  • cody-carlon-2009-san-g.jpg
  • 2011-russ-hawkins-174.jpg
  • rsievers2010.jpg
  • SG-travis-spidle-2016.jpg
  • 2012-mike-vail-180.jpg
  • bret-dismukes-marble2010.jpg
  • 01_Kevin-Layne_White-Mtns.jpg
  • Mike-Alba-2015-clark-ram.jpg
  • 2011-john-berens-state-187.jpg
  • 2011-nate-treadwell-169.jpg
  • fmunguia2010.jpg
  • daryll-hosker-2009-san-g.jpg
  • 45_Marble_ClipperMts.jpg
  • 55_SanGorgonio.jpg
  • laron-storck-sheep-2011.jpg
  • shelly-sayer.jpg
  • fmunguia22010.jpg
  • clyde-ulrich-san-gorgonio-2018.jpg
  • pcremeans-marbleclippers-2010.jpg
  • 37_SanGorgonio.jpg
  • 04_Butch-Kuflak_Grizzley-Is.jpg
  • 07_Jay-Kellett_Old-Dads.jpg
  • john-mcgannon-sheep-2011.jpg
  • pat-butler-elk-2010.jpg
  • mark-dickson-orocopia-2010.jpg

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